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Full Version: Eclipse: Workspace in use or cannot be created Error
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Lot of time when I am working in Eclipse, it get crashed due to some or the other reasons. Most of the time this is because I have opened a lot of applications that I am working on and this takes a bit of memory. So finally everything just get hanged and does not have enough RAM to work on. Thus, Eclipse just get hanged and what I do is to kill the eclipse process.

But next time when you try opening the workspace it gives you error “Workspace in use or cannot be created, choose a different one.”

This is because, Eclipse creates a .lock file in the workspace and make the workspace lock. This is to avoid opening the same workspace in different eclipse process.

But when Eclipse is crashed or you kill the process to free the memory, it does not delete the .lock file in workspace folder and thus you cannot open the workspace again with eclipse.

To avoid this problem, simply locate the .lock file in your workspace folder and delete it. Please do not delete the .lock file if eclipse is already opened.
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